The bias-free talent discovery platform

Source and match your best internal and external candidates, without prejudice. 

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Improving the accuracy, experience, and inclusion of recruitment for everyone

 We help organisations plug their skill gaps by unlocking and transforming underutilised candidate sources into a single bias-free talent discovery engine - Allowing businesses to accelerate hiring with a focus on skills, with the absence of subjectivity. 

The fastest and fairest way to source and engage best-fit talent

Quickly discover top candidates for any open role with our AI-driven talent search engine.

  • Discover Talent
    Uncover hidden potential across internal and external candidate systems
  • Engage Talent
    Engage the right candidates and recruiters instantly, at the click of a button
  • Grow Teams
    Build well-rounded teams with the right mix of skills, capabilities and competencies

Engage previous applicants who match open roles

Explore top silver medalists and past applicants as critical sources for hard-to-fill and specialized roles. Skillsize helps rediscover these vetted candidates and engage them with relevant job opportunities. 

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One search engine, multiple talent networks

Tap into our rapidly growing database of pre-vetted and actively available candidate profiles sourced from external networks. From this massive cloud-based network, get candidate suggestions, based on skills, experience, previous titles and location. 

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Giving talent a fresh new bias-free look

Our algorithm analyses and transforms the candidate data into insight-rich, anonymised talent profiles, allowing members of the network to intuitively search bias-free parameters such as expertise, technical skills, capabilities, transferable skills and competencies.  

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Unprecedented reduction of time to source and time to fill

Triple your sourcing capacity to find and hire the best talent.

  • 64%
    Reduction in time to fill roles
  • 30%
    Improvement in time-to-interview