Workforce expertise, democratised

Skillsize uses advanced AI-driven skills mapping technology to help organisations build great teams, mobilise projects and develop IP, faster.

Your AI-Powered Expertise Network

Unlock the true versatility of your workforce by leveraging our intelligent skills engine to convert existing employee data into a powerfully unified, centralised and searchable expertise database. 

Skills Extraction & Mapping

Skillsize utilises Natural Language Processing to run in-depth analysis of employee CVs, extracting achievements, experiences and skills as a network of connected keywords to provide a unique view of both individual employee specialisms and company-wide strengths.

Skills extraction

Skill Searching & Matching

Quickly identify the best person for internal roles using our AI-powered matching technology. Compare accurate suitability scores for each employee, generated by matching the extracted intel on employee profiles to the role description or skills you've searched for.  

Data Analytics & Insights

Our platform leverages its collective data to provide real-time valuable insights into group strengths, supporting organisations in building high performing teams and identifying gaps to inform recruitment and training strategies. 

3 Simple Steps

Endless forms, questionnaires and quizzes are a thing of the past

  • Simply upload your team's CVs or experience profiles
  • Sit back and let our AI do the work
  • Access your fully-mapped expertise network in minutes

Before Skillsize...

  • Workplace Silos

    Limited cross-function collaboration, interaction and enagagement.

  • Unconscious Bias

    Decisions made with limited consideration of pure merit and objective proficiency.

  • Low Personalisation

    A one-size-fits-all approach resulting in significant lack of engagement.

  • Stifled Innovation

    Reduced ability to harness collective IQ to respond to changing market conditions.

… after Skillsize!

Effective Resourcing

Unbiased sourcing, mobilisation and deployment of high performing teams, ensuring end-to-end project delivery success

Workforce Optimisation

Aligned workforce-to-recruitment strategy fueled by effective and tailored upskilling opportunities, future-proofing your organisation

Increased Productivity

Collaborative teams that focus on individual's expertise every day have 12.5% greater productivity

Higher Retention

85% of employees in organisations that focus on strengths plan to stay for at least the next 12 months

Built for Scalability

  • Customisability

    Your organisation, your rules. Skillsize is built to be fully customisable to suit the way you view your organisation.

  • Availability

    Round the clock. Our cloud platform is built on top of solid core technologies so it's available to you whenever you need it.

  • Privacy

    You own your data. We’re fully committed to protecting the privacy of your data by upholding the highest of security standards.

Workforce Snapshot

A fast-tracked assessment of your organization's existing expertise profile highlighting training needs, L&D effectiveness and future-proof readiness.

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