Powering Skills-Based Organisations

Helping organisations make data-driven people decisions with a focus on skills.

Scalable Infrastructure for Skills Visibility

 40% of HR leaders admit that they don’t know what competencies they have in their workforce. Skillsize solves this problem by equipping HR leaders with the visibility they need to make informed decisions about their talent strategy. This allows you to reduce the costs of recruiting, while also enabling your employees to reach the highest levels of their potential.  

Solutions for forward thinking organisations

We have developed a suite of products leveraging our proprietary skills context engine to provide significant value to modern businesses.  

Skillsize   contextual skills intelligence

Our Solutions

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Skills Intelligence

Understand your entire workforce, inform talent strategy and drive business growth in real-time from one central platform view.


Skills Marketplace

Tap into a strong candidate pool immediately, and match people to roles suited to their unique skills, experiences, and capabilities, instantly.


Skills API

Connect our Skills Engine seamlessly to your systems. Discover all the possibilities of our rich skills data and build towards a data-driven HR solution.

Servicing a range of industries

From agencies to large enterprises, to universities, job boards and more

  • Recruiters & Job Boards

    • Talent Profiling
    • Talent Cloud
    • Talent Showcase
  • Enterprise

    • Talent Mobility
    • Recruitment
    • Workforce Strategy
  • Universities & Education

    • Course Mapping
    • Career Matching
    • Graduate Showcase