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Unlock core talent

Find the best fit for your talent roles, faster. 

Skills Extraction

Skillsize extracts skills data from unstructured sources such as CVs and LinkedIn profiles to generate an accurate and powerful next-gen view of individual strengths.

Skills Analysis

A deeper analysis of skills with insights such as capabilities, inferred competencies based on behavioural indicators, and analysis of an individuals versatility and adaptability.

Skills Matching

Skillsize helps recruiters, hiring managers and project managers build the best teams by allowing them to describe the perfect candidate and find them in seconds.

Skillsize is different. Here’s why

We've all seen HR tech that can "do it all"... but we're focused on skills and powered by real, human-led intelligence - plus a healthy dose of AI, NLP, Semantics, and Machine Learning 🤓.

  • Context v2
  • Context Intelligence

    We've analysed millions of CVs, profiles and job descriptions to understand specific connections and components that have trained our algorithms to suggest rational and verified expertise. 

  • Global Taxonomies

    Our taxonomies are mapped to global standards and frameworks, using a combination of machine learning, crosswalks, and human verification. 

Beyond just skills

In collaboration with industry specialists and academics, we have engineered our algorithm to intelligently infer soft skills as well as psychometric abilities by identifying and analysing a range of behavioural indicators.

  • Enabler
    The Enabler

    Results-driven, Meticulous, Action-oriented, Multitaskers 

  • Team 3
    The Team Builder

    Ethics-driven, High Empathy, Emotional Intelligence

  • Rel builder
    The Relationship Builder

    People-driven, Personable, Influential, Persuasive

  • Cog 3
    The Cognitive Strategist

    Solution-driven, Creative Problem-solving, Analytical mind

  • Ent
    The Entrepreneurial strategist

    Commercially-driven, High risk tolerance, Tenacious, Innovative

Trusted, powerful AI

Transform your people and recruitment strategy with cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

  • Trusted

    • Human-led
    • Inclusive and fair
    • Bias-free
  • Powerful

    • True AI
    • Robust and scalable
    • Enterprise ready
  • Secure

    • Privacy focused
    • Fully encrypted
    • Fully available

Supercharge your people tech stack

Use the tools you love with our pre-built integrations. Join countless developers using our APIs to unlock access to a real view of your talent and create one-of-a-kind product experiences with expertise data at the core 💪.

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